Webinar - Bid Challenges: International Perspectives: June 15, 2021

On June 15 I had the chance to participate in the webinar: Bid Challenges: International Perspectives. This event was organized by George Washington University Law School and King's College London. Among speakers: Christopher Yukins, Kristina Arcara, Jean-Bernard Auby, Michael Bowsher QC, Matt Carter, David Drabkin, Laurence Folliot Lalliot, Annamaria La Chimia, Katarzyna Kuźma, Paul Lalonde, Kenneth Patton, Geo Quinot, Gabriella Racca, Johannes Schnitzer, Roland Stein, Andrea Sundstrand, Peter Trepte and Michał Kania.

Webinar: Green Transition in Public Procurement

On Tuesday, March 30 I had the chance to participate in the webinar concerning Green Transition in public procurement with great speakers: professor Marta Andhov (U. Copenhagen), dr Abbey Sample (Public Procurement Analysis / Greenville Procurement Partners) and professor Willem A. Janssen (U. Utrecht).

PPP-Perspectives for 2021 Conversation with David Baxter

On Monday, January 18 I had the great opportunity to talk with David Baxter about the Public - Private Partnerships perspectives for 2021. We discussed issues related to the PPP role under President Joe Biden's administration, IMAGO and People First PPP inintiatives, challenges related to digitalization of the public infrastructure, lessons learned for PPP after Covid-19 pandemic and more.

Webinar: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Green Public Procurement

On Wednesday, September 30 I had the great chance to moderate the webinar: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Green Public Procurement. Among panelists: prof. Jerzy Buzek (MEP), prof. Alexandra Harrington (U.Albany), adv. Magdalena Stryja (U.Silesia), prof. Christopher Yukins (GWU), adv. Katarzyna Kuźma (DZP) and dr Wojciech Hartung (DZP). We discussed the influence of the Paris Agreement, New European Green Deal and the Just Transition Mechanism on public procurement policies and regulation.

This event has been organized by the Institute of Law at the University of Silesia, Association ''Pro Silesia’’ with the support of the George Washington University’s Government Procurement Program.

Webinar: Public procurement in times of Covid-19. Global experiences, challenges and further steps. Conversation with professor Christopher Yukins.

On Friday, June 5 I had the great chance to talk with professor Christopher Yukins (George Washington University) during the webinar: ''Public procurement in times of Covid-19. Global experiences, challenges and further steps''.

Among others we discussed the issues related to changes of the public procurement market in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, general challenges to public procurement during this dramatic time, reactions to these challenges on the public buyers’ side, the role of public procurement regulation in the context of the Guidance from the European Commission on using the public procurement framework in the emergency situation related to the COVID-19 crisis (2020/C 108 I/01) and it's implication for the future. Also the importance of the E-public procurement has been pointed out. 

With the kind participation of professor Gabriella Racca (University of Turin) we also talked about the role of innovation in public procurement. Professor Racca is the co-editor, together with professor Yukins of the book:''Joint Public Procurement and Innovation. Lessons Accross Borders''.

Available online at https://www.larcier.com/fr/joint-public-procurement-and-innovation-2019-9782802763802.html


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